On-Demand Webcast: Achievement Unlocked: Managing Content Monetization

On Demand Webcast: Achievement Unlocked: Managing Content Monetization

Webcast Overview

With a treasure trove of content created every day in the Gaming Industry, game publishers have mastered finding unique and creative ways to monetize that content. Join us as we walk through various games to identify and dissect these unique licensing strategies and their impact on rights and royalty management.

In the session we will discuss:

  • Innovative inbound and outbound licensing strategies including merchandise, themed events, in-game content, music, and more
  • Licensing software to create granular rights and manage royalties as a driver for maximizing the IP potential
  • How to accurately calculate and report royalties when introducing more complex business models into the mix such as subscriptions and sublicensing
  • Performance tracking your content
  • End-user technology to foster communications with streamers, celebrities, and more