Rights Cloud – Your Digital Rights Management Authority

A single “rights” source for talent, agreements and assets designed to deliver marketing and advertising content governance and smart insights

Speed Ad Production & Distribution

Gain simple, at-a-glance confirmation of which assets—print, digital, video and talent—can be used when, where, and how.

Make Your Investments Count

Drive down costs by increasing efficiencies and maximizing content reuse across the complete creative inventory.

Protect Your Brand Equity

Safeguard your brand from non-compliant content use that can cost millions in penalties, campaign rework, and negative PR.
Talent Profiles

Know where your talent is being used

Gain a unified view and deeper visibility into how a talent is being used through instant access to a repository of talent profiles and stock agencies. The system stores talent information including social profiles, agreements and work contribution, as well as relationships between talent, agreements, assets and campaigns.

Agreement Management

Eliminate guesswork on contractual usage rights

Advertisers can easily capture and manage agreements and rights for models, photographers and other rights holders – creating better synergy with business affairs and ensuring rights are no longer subject to interpretation.

Rights Clearance

Gain "rights" information at your fingertips

Increase content velocity with real-time, at-a-glance confirmation of when, where and how all content can be used. A simple view into content availability and terms of use can be accessed from Rights Cloud or directly from your DAM!

Intelligent Rights Inheritance

Change a contract once and all assets reflect the change

Rights Cloud automates associations between parties, agreements and assets – driving intelligent rights inheritance and workflow. Define contract terms once and allow those rights to be inherited across all related assets. Amend the contract rights and they propagate across all assets.

Smart Insights

Gain actionable insight on your content rights

With visibility into omnichannel usage, upcoming expirations, current violations and key trends you will be able to gain the needed analytics to drive better business decisions and optimize costs when looking to reuse, negotiate and extend assets and contracts.

I'm not a lawyer, but I make sure your assets are never a liability. Who am I? #TheBigReveal May 2nd

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