Visit FADEL at DAM NY 2018, Booth 36

Visit FADEL at DAM NY 2018, Booth 36

Where: New York Hilton Midtown

When: May 3-4, 2018

Booth: 36

Schedule a demo of Rights Cloud – Your Digital Rights Management Authority

A powerful tool for the digital rights management of your assets, Rights Cloud arms users with:

  • Content Governance and Compliance
  • A Single Source of Truth across Agreements, Rights, Talent and Assets
  • Actionable Insights based on your Content Analytics

Brands gain full visibility into asset usage rights with the instant ability to know when, where and how content can be used, as well as online digital usage tracking and expiration and violation alerts to ensure copyright compliance before and after a campaign is active.

Don’t miss these information-packed sessions:

FADEL Tech Lab: Three Billboards and a Photo Shoot – Digital Rights Management for Your DAM – A Hands-On Experience

Thursday from 11:20 am – 12:20 pm

Photo shoots are complex projects which often involve multiple rights holders such as photographers, models, brands and location owners. When running a campaign, it’s critical to understand the rights associated with a particular photo in order to know whether you can use it or not. And what if that campaign was global and omnichannel – from billboard in the US to videos on Instagram across the world?

In this tech lab presentation, Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management at FADEL, will walk us through from concept to content to distribution, illustrating how multiple rights holders can dictate where and how you use your photos (or videos) while sharing tips on how to capture and clear the content rights. You will have the opportunity to go hands-on and explore all of these real-world scenarios from directly within Rights Cloud by FADEL. We will also ask some of our customers to share their rights management use cases. Topics will include:

  • Territory rights that become important when taking campaigns global
  • Expiration dates which may affect re-use of assets over time
  • Usage allowance which can be restricted by date, channel or frequency
  • How to secure assets via watermarks and other means of preventing misuse
  • Searching for assets based on variable criteria to determine availability

Join us for an informative and fun look at the complicated process of managing content rights while going from photo shoot to billboard.

Speaker: Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management, FADEL

FADEL Roundtable: Governance Strategies for Assets and Usage Rights

Thursday at 2:20 pm

Managing the rights associated with content can quickly spiral out of control. How do you bring in governance to ensure that users of your digital assets are using what they can, where they can and how they can? When do the assets expire? Where are they published? Can people still download them? As a group, we will brainstorm and share strategies and best practices to apply controls to your assets.

Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management, FADEL

Rights Panel featuring FADEL Customers: You’re Darn (RIGHT) – they’re important! A practical session about Rights & DAM

Friday at 2:20 pm

Join us for an extended session about the ever increasing role of rights and their meanings for digital asset management.

Like DAM itself – and metadata, our awareness of rights, their importance, meanings and roles, is growing exponentially. In this session, leading DAM practitioners will share their insights.

David Lipsey, Conference Chair
Theresa Daigle, Associate Director, Global Marketing Systems & Suppliers, Merck & Co.
Greg Fioravanti, Vice President, Business Affairs, Discovery Communications
Shelley Meeks, Content Services Director, Hearst Magazines/Hearst Magazines International
Michael Weeman, Global Senior Director of Digital Marketing Capabilities, Assets and Content, The Coca-Cola Company
Kenneth Wilson, Associate Manager of Communications Libraries and DAM, Kohler Co.

Visit FADEL at Booth #36 to see firsthand how you can manage talent/content agreements and rights, and verify content rights real-time from directly within your DAM. Schedule a one-on-one meeting at the show to see a product demo or just talk “rights.”