Don’t Leave Money on the Table–Get the Most Out of Your Licensed Property

Webinar: Don’t Leave Money On The Table – Get The Most Out Of Your Licensed Property

Licensing continues to be big business. Global retail sales of licensed merchandise hit $251.B for 2015 and the corresponding royalty revenue grew to $13.9B. With so much money flowing between licensors and licensees, how does each side mitigate errors in the license management and royalty accounting of the licensed IP in order to maximize the revenue potential? For example, as much as 70% of self-reporting on licensing contracts is inaccurate, and many royalty accountants are drowning in a sea of bloated Excel sheets.

Whether you are a licensor or a licensee, FADEL’s IP Management software improves accuracy and reporting by managing contract rights, identifying licensing violations and automating both royalty calculations and statement generation.

On this webinar learn how to:

  • Identify and mitigate licensing violations
  • Automate financial calculations and payment processing
  • Avoid overpayments, underpayments and liability for misuse
  • Gain complete visibility into contracts, reporting and analytics