Database Performance Engineer


  • Build a library of knowledge on the databases in use in all applications that are in scope for performance testing and engineering.
  • Analyze designs and in-development databases for performance problems and suggest design improvements accordingly.
  • Perform query execution analysis and provide fixes for poorly performing queries on the application critical path.
  • Provide guidance and support to project teams including architects, developers, and DBAs on high-performance, efficient, and scalable database design, jobs, and queries.
  • Participate in performance testing of applications and assist with analyzing operational database issues encountered during testing.
  • Provide guidance on data strategy and mechanisms for loading data in the test environments as per the test requirements.


  • Amman, Jordan


  • Advanced SQL experience.
  • Should have extensive knowledge in SQL – tables, indexes, partitions, DB links, and Pl/SQL – Procedures, Packages, Triggers.
  • Understand and analyze execution plans and trace logs.
  • Experience in Database monitoring tools and reports analysis like AWR, ASH….
  • Experience in Database Performance Engineering, of handling multiple production
    performance issues related to database, queries, storage.
  • Experience in Database migration and purge process in large volume databases.
  • Experience in load simulation tools and shell scripting.
  • Experience in ER diagram designs, normalization techniques, and data architecting & modelling is considered a plus