FADEL Announces General Availability of Content Eye

FADEL Announces General Availability of Content Eye

Powerful Tool for Monitoring Digital Content Usage and Compliance


New York, NY – July 8, 2019 – FADEL®, the leader in Digital Rights Management for marketing and advertising content, today announced the July 22nd general availability of Content Eye. The only offering in the market that combines content tracking and identification with usage rights management, Content Eye is a sophisticated cloud offering empowering companies to find where and how their brand assets are being used across the internet and social media as well as detect usage violations.

With today’s digital and omnichannel marketing strategies, companies intentionally have a substantial amount of digital content spread across their own brand websites, social media sites, and e-commerce channels. In addition, their digital content lives on the web and social media sites of their retail and e-commerce channel partners. Once the content is distributed to these hundreds and thousands of mediums, it not surprisingly becomes challenging to know and track where it is actually published. Content Eye is being released with website crawlers to find all indexed images, including premium crawlers tailored for Amazon and Instagram and certified for Facebook. The software will perform image recognition across designated sites without requiring the image to have embedded watermarks or fingerprints.

Mitigating a brand’s risk exposure, Content Eye will automatically validate if an image is being used in compliance with usage rights. The images and their modified variations will be compared against licensed usage terms to determine if there are any potential violations. The software will identify expired or expiring assets so that brands can manage a takedown process; it will additionally alert on incorrect uses in order to help eliminate any copyright violations.

“While many companies have a solid grasp on internal governance, it remains difficult for them to find all published brand assets across their advertising distribution chain and identify whether their digital marketing content is still valid or expired,” says Gregg Guest, Vice President of Product Management at FADEL. “We were thrilled by the initial response to Content Eye by Beta testers who gave it a 5 out of 5 across the board finding it particularly valuable for digital marketing functions such as tracking expired imagery. With this technology, organizations can avoid copyright violations, find expired on-line content, and gain a firm grasp on their risk exposure.”

Content Eye is generally available on July 22nd, 2019 as an add-on to Rights Cloud subscriptions or standalone. You can see it in action or find additional information on the FADEL website. To request pricing and sign up for Content Eye, click here.

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