Webinar: Your Assets Have Left the Building! Where Did They Go?

Your Assets Have Left the Building! Where Did They Go?

Title: Your Assets Have Left the Building! Where Did They Go?

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Once your assets are downloaded from the DAM do you know where they end up? With omnichannel distribution channels, e-commerce partner strategies and social media networks, your digital assets are intentionally delivered and published on many of your brand sites and well beyond, making them challenging to track.

Is managing expiring content a nightmare? While many companies have a good grasp on internal governance, it remains difficult for them to find all published assets across the internet and social media and identify whether their digital content is still valid or expired.

In this webinar hosted by Gregg Guest from FADEL, you’ll learn about best practices for managing asset rights, agreements, and expirations as they enter your organization and how to enforce them even after your content has left the building. Gregg will demonstrate how the FADEL software solution Content Eye can find published assets across the internet and social media to know what is still in play, identify those that are expiring to help you manage takedowns, report on digital content that is being used improperly, and respond to content claims.


Victor Lebon ICPVictor Lebon, CEO, EMEA & APAC, ICP

Over the last 10 years at ICP, Victor has focussed on Creative Operations in Advertising Production and Marketing Technology, leading consultancy and program delivery with client teams covering many of the world’s largest and most loved brands. Victor has worked across a variety of different industry sectors including charity, telecoms, retail, publishing, life sciences, consumer goods, marketing and advertising.

Victor is responsible for all commercial and operational aspects at ICP led out of the EMEA & APAC regions, delivering strategy, value, insights and industry ‘best practice’, ensuring ICP’s clients are equipped for success.


Gregg GuestGregg Guest, Vice President of Product Management, FADEL

Gregg Guest is responsible for driving FADEL’s Rights Cloud product strategies and growing the company’s presence in the digital rights management arena. Gregg is an experienced thought leader on the complex topics of media production and content licensing, having previously worked with Marvel Entertainment, one of the leaders in character licensing and merchandising as well as HSI Productions, an award winning commercial production company. Gregg also brings over twenty years of experience in marketing and technology to the role, including jobs as Communications Manager at renowned media/IP law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, and as Director of Software at Braveline Technology. Gregg received a Fine Arts degree from New York University in Film & Television, and has won numerous awards for film making and screenwriting.