FADEL Attends the MelloLondon Retail Investors Event

FADEL Attends and Presents at MelloLondon

Founder and CEO Tarek Fadel and CFO Vicary Gibbs showcase the company’s innovative solutions at their booth and deliver a compelling presentation at MellowLondon’s Retail Investment event. With the recent listing of FADEL (FADL) on the London Stock Exchange, it’s been essential to connect with investors and, in this event, the retail investment community. It was an honor to join and have insightful conversations and invaluable networking opportunities.

FADEL has partnered with giants in media, entertainment, publishing, fashion, beauty, high-tech, and consumer goods, solidifying their reputation as industry leaders.

Explore how FADEL’s cloud-based solutions automate talent and content rights management across various media formats—videos, photos, ads, music, products, and brands. Witness the streamlining of licensing royalties, empowering businesses to maximize revenues and enhance process efficiencies.

Whether you’re a stakeholder, investor, or industry enthusiast, this video offers valuable insights into FADEL’s groundbreaking contributions to licensing and brand compliance markets.