FADEL Rights Cloud Marketing Technology Attracts Fortune 500 Brands

FADEL Rights Cloud Marketing Technology Attracts Fortune 500 Brands

Large Advertisers Gain Brand Transparency, Brand Equity, Content ROI and Copyright Compliance


New York, NY – September 20, 2018 – FADEL®, the market leader in Digital Rights Management, today announced significant adoption of Rights Cloud™ by leading global brands across industries, such as Luxury and Beauty, Life Sciences, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and Automotive. In today’s digital world, as content is proliferating and digital marketing channels are growing, we find the rights associated with licensed content and talent are becoming even more granular and restrictive. Rights Cloud is a marketing technology that allows brands to reliably, accurately and more affordably use and reuse their digital assets across campaigns by providing full visibility into when, where and how assets can be used. Rights Cloud seamlessly integrates into many of the most widely used Digital Asset Management platforms, attracting the top advertisers across the globe.

With Luxury Goods and the Beauty Industry, image is everything and branded content is king. This quality content often relies on celebrity endorsements, orchestrated photoshoots and carefully selected brand images and production elements – all governed by unique agreements with a complex array of territory and format rights as well as restrictions and expirations. Marketing teams find themselves under pressure to deliver a full omni-channel experience with speed to market while also protecting their brand equity. Rights Cloud offers a single system that tracks, manages and connects all the company’s talent agreements, licensed content, and content usage terms. Their creative and content curation teams are able to operate quickly, gaining automated access to rights clearance in real-time.

In highly regulated industries like Life Sciences and Financial Services, process governance, regulatory compliance, and data transparency are of strategic importance. With Rights Cloud, companies centralize their rights information and introduce process improvements to protect from copyright infringement. The automated platform provides full visibility in order to prevent production teams from content misuse, arms legal teams with reports and data to manage against violation inquiries and empowers business affairs with smart insights to better amend, extend and renew talent and content license agreements.

“Rights Cloud is changing the game in the advertising landscape. It is attracting global brands, because our unique solution captures Talent, Agreements, and Rights information in one centralized Cloud. We easily integrate into many digital asset management systems and give advertisers the ability to control their campaign content, understand their usage rights and track campaign costs, all in one system! Brands now have the ability to see and manage their campaign data, while continuing to work with both in-house and external agencies, allowing for a more consistent brand experience in an ever-growing Omni-Channel environment,” says Tarek Fadel, Founder and CEO of FADEL.

About Rights Cloud by FADEL:
Rights Cloud by FADEL is a powerful marketing technology that provides a single “rights” source across agreements, talent and assets — arming organizations with content governance & compliance and smart insights for advertising content. The Digital Rights Management solution enables marketers and advertisers to accelerate campaigns, mitigate risk and reduce costs by gaining full visibility into when, where and how content can be used. Brands and their agencies are able to manage talent profiles, stock agencies and license agreements; validate content use for advertising campaigns; reuse and repurpose existing content; and track against online usage, asset expirations and violations. For more information, visit fadel.com/rights-cloud.

About FADEL:
FADEL, innovator of rights and royalty management software, has worked with some of the biggest names in media, life sciences, fast-moving consumer goods, publishing, high-tech and advertising. By automating talent and content rights management across videos, photos, ads, music, products and brands, and streamlining the processing of licensing royalties, FADEL’s cloud-based solutions have empowered businesses to significantly maximize revenues and increase process efficiencies. Founded in 2003, FADEL is headquartered in Rye, New York, and also operates offices in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Lebanon. For more information, visit fadel.com