On-Demand Webcast: How to be a “Helicopter” Brand Manager: Keeping an eye on your Content Post-Distribution

How to be a "Helicopter" Brand Manager: Keeping an eye on your Content Post-Distribution

FADEL & ICP will explore strategies for tracking content post-distribution to provide valuable control and insight into content compliance and performance.

Title: How to be a “Helicopter” Brand Manager: Keeping an eye on your Content Post-Distribution

Hosted By: Henry Stewart Events

Date/Time: Thursday, 28 March, 2024 8AM PDT / 11AM EDT / 3PM GMT / 4PM CET (NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND)

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How To Be A “Helicopter” Brand Manager: Keeping an Eye on Your Content Post-Distribution

Digital Assets have a long, meaningful lifespan that represents your brand and can reflect positively or negatively on it. Brand Managers are essentially responsible for “raising” them from creation and preparing them for the outside world. However, it is essential not to publish and forget. Once published into an omnichannel landscape, digital assets should still be monitored, evaluated, and acted on as needed.

Gregg Guest, Vice President of Product Management from FADEL, and Tom Sloan, Global Lead: Content Management & Logistics from ICP, will delve into key business drivers for tracking your assets post-distribution while out in the “real world”. In this webinar, you will learn how to take care of your assets once they “leave the nest,” by employing content tracking strategies that can find the assets across brand, e-commerce, social, and partner websites, and protect them from a variety of threats such as:

  • Rights Expiration
  • Usage Violations
  • Issues with Talent
  • Rebrandings
  • 3rd party Infringement

Gregg and Tom will explore how these strategies ensure your content remains consistent, compliant and on brand, and can help identify opportunities by tracking performance and re-use.

A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.

Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management, Cloud, FADEL

Gregg Guest is responsible for driving FADEL’s Rights Cloud product strategies and growing the company’s presence in the digital rights management arena. Gregg is an experienced thought leader on the complex topics of media production and content licensing, having previously worked with Marvel Entertainment, one of the leaders in character licensing and merchandising as well as HSI Productions, an award-winning commercial production company. Gregg also brings over twenty years of experience in marketing and technology to the role, including jobs as Communications Manager at renowned media/IP law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, and as Director of Software at Braveline Technology. Gregg received a Fine Arts degree from New York University in Film & Television, and has won numerous awards for film making and screenwriting.


Tom Sloan, Global Solutions Lead: Digital Asset Management, ICP

Tom is a seasoned content management practitioner with over 15 years of experience in Digital Content Management. With a diverse background as a technology vendor, product owner, and expert consultant to some of the worlds largest and most complex businesses, he now serves as the Global Head of Content Management & Logistics Solutions at ICP.

Tom works with the incredibly capable people at ICP to devise innovative services & solutions to meet ICP Customer’s short and long-term objectives. He has previously led numerous enterprise-scale digital asset management implementation projects and provided valuable counsel to C-suite executives on their strategic vision and ‘the art of the possible’ in this increasingly hard-to-navigate space.

Tom’s wealth of experience and expertise make him a trusted leader in the digital content management field, ensuring organisations achieve success in their content operations-related endeavours.