Introducing LicenSee™ by FADEL®, a Cloud Platform Designed to Optimize Royalty Management and Enhance Licensing Relationships

Introducing LicenSee™ by FADEL®, a Cloud Platform Designed to Optimize Royalty Management and Enhance Licensing Relationships

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By unifying licensor and licensee royalty processes through a common platform, FADEL® delivers insights that foster more streamlined and financially beneficial licensing partnerships

New York, NY – February 29, 2024 – FADEL®, a leader in rights and royalty management software, today unveiled LicenSee™, a platform designed to enhance and automate the management of royalties for consumer product licensees engaging in merchandise licensing. This innovation offers a significant advancement for small-to-medium-sized businesses by facilitating more efficient and profitable licensing partnerships. Drawing on FADEL’s extensive experience, as demonstrated by its flagship product, IPM Suite, trusted by leading licensors such as Marvel Entertainment®, Hasbro®, Bandai Namco® and other global licensing powerhouses, LicenSee emerges as a strategic development aimed at empowering licensees with digital tools for expansion and success in their licensing operations.

“Licensees, the driving forces behind creative ventures, often engage in activities such as bringing cherished characters to life or leveraging character and content licensing to resonate with their audience,” observed Johnny Habib, FADEL’s Senior Director of Product Management. “Yet, as their innovations attract a growing fanbase and their business grows, they frequently encounter the operational challenge of maintaining oversight of the many aspects of their licensing agreements. LicenSee streamlines the management of the most intricate licensing contracts and associated royalties, empowering creators to concentrate on their passion and explore their creative potential further.

LicenSee simplifies the complexities of royalty management by managing the license agreements, automating the calculation of royalties and statement generation, and compliance checking across varied contractual terms. Traditional methods, such as spreadsheets or legacy in-house systems, often fall short in handling intricate payment conditions, leading to inaccuracies and potential financial discrepancies. LicenSee leverages the same robust architecture of IPM Suite, trusted by leading global licensors, offering features like automated royalty processing, efficient audit management, and comprehensive business performance tracking. These capabilities not only ensure accuracy and compliance but also provide valuable insights for informed decision-making and strategic growth.

FADEL’s solution offers a swift return on investment by reducing potential royalty overpayments by up to 20%, diminishing audit efforts by as much as 68%, and halving the average time required for royalty processing. This approach not only fosters financial management efficiency but also strengthens licensee-licensor relationships through enhanced transparency and accuracy.

“FADEL comes from a heritage of working with some of the world’s largest licensing brands, helping them automate and manage billions of dollars’ worth of annual royalties,” explained Tarek Fadel, Founder and CEO of FADEL. “FADEL’s IPM Suite manages roughly 28% of the global consumer products royalties already and our release of LicenSee is just a natural extension of the experience that we’ve developed in the consumer products licensing market. The cloud platform is aimed at servicing the thousands of small and mid-market licensees who desperately need a solution to simplify their licensing operations and produce accurate royalty calculations and statements. LicenSee plays a pivotal role in fostering mutually beneficial licensing partnerships that drive collaborative success and financial accuracy and profitability.”



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