Rights & Permissioning Key Capabilities

Content Planning

Design master content requirements & components

Content Acquisition

Procure rights, clear assets & manage budgets

Workflow Management

Manage teams, tasks & workflow to compose content

Product Features

IPM Suite Publishing Edition includes powerful support for Rights & Permissions, from idea to concept. The solution enables publishers to deliver new products to market in record speed by providing a Content Planning system with sophisticated rights management capabilities across programs, products and content hierarchies. Enterprise publishers gain the tools and built-in strategies that will optimize productivity, enable greater reuse, bridge content to new markets and opportunities, and mitigate corporate risk.

Content Planning

In today’s digital world, publishing content has transformed from the traditional book to sophisticated programs that may aggregate multiple pieces of content across a variety of formats such as text, images, and video – all with different contractual rights based on geography, format, usage, language, timeframe and more. With IPM Suite you are able to manage your content against the content plan, product hierarchy and overall set of program objectives.

Rights Management & Clearance

IPM Suite Publisher’s Edition provides automated rights management and clearance at any level and any stage in the lifecycle along with full workflow management and costing information. Rights availability is calculated for the requested usage, along with a gap analysis of where rights are missing. The system will also collate rights required across various projects to avoid the acquisition of overlapping deals for the same content.

Content Acquisition, Workflow Management and Costing

A powerful feature is the generation and streamlining of tasks for asset permission acquisition or for research of new assets requirements. These tasks can be assigned to internal and external teams and include deal creation, contract templates, correspondence generation as well as automated pricing calculations for preferred vendors. With costing information defined for a project or content asset, the solution will also provide budget and forecast management including cost variance analysis against actuals.

Compliance Management

IPM Suite Publisher’s Edition facilitates compliance management pre- and post- publication. With the automated rights clearance check you are able to eliminate non-compliance of license terms or potential rights violations. The solution also allows you to track against usage post-publication to ensure compliance against license constraints such as number of uses.

Vendor Management and Procurement Integration

The solution includes tight integration with the standard procure-to-pay business processes of ERP systems like Oracle Financials and SAP, as well as the ability to integrate with MDM, product management and content management systems. Purchase orders and Accounts Payable invoices for permission acquisition costs will be generated automatically in the enterprise procurement system, reducing manual work and month end bottlenecks.