Rights Cloud - Content Tracking & Compliance

Part of the Rights Cloud family, tracks published content across brand, e-commerce, social and partner websites and verify compliance status

Key Content Tracking Capabilities

Find Content Post-Distribution

Find where and how your digital brand assets are being used across the internet, social media and e-commerce partner sites.

Manage Expiring Content

With Content Tracking, easily find published assets across websites that have expired or are near expiration in order to manage takedowns.

Assess Risk Exposure

Content Tracking detects if published assets have usage violations due to missing rights for the media across channel, territory and/or timeframe.

Optimized Website Crawlers

Crawlers for image recognition without requiring embedded watermarks or fingerprints. Premium crawlers tailored for Amazon, Instagram, Facebook.

Defend Against Claims

Images and their modified variations will be matched against your rights-managed content repository to report on usage terms for the content.

Monitor Content Trends

With Content Tracking you can look for trends such as which content is most popular and where content is being used to help plan effective content strategies.

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