Webinar: Best Practices for Protecting Your Brand in Global, Omnichannel Experiences

Best Practices for Protecting Your Brand in Global, Omnichannel Experiences

Title: Digital Rights Management: An Essential for Omni-Channel Marketing

Host: An Event Hosted by Aprimo

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Customers expect to find the same brand experience whenever they want it, via the device and channel of their choice. These leading brand experiences are powered by engaging and memorable content that is also optimized for the device. But in contrast to a campaign, a “brand experience” is delivered in a fluid manner and often does not align with a single start and end date. This exposes you to problems stemming from digital rights because research suggests the highest performing content often has particular digital rights (e.g. expiration, talent contracts, sponsorship windows, etc.) associated to it and failure to comply can result in hefty legal bills among other issues!

So, when designing an experience, how should you publish content so that you know which brand assets are approved for use? What is the best practice for managing how long you can use an asset for, on which channels and in which regions or countries?

During this webinar you will learn how you can:

  • manage digital asset rights in an omnichannel world
  • clearly and sustainably organize how and where assets can be used in real-time
  • mitigate compliance risks associated with unauthorized content use
  • deliver personalized, engaging and consistent experiences at scale


  • Gregg Guest, Vice President of Product Management, FADEL
  • David Schweer, Product Marketing Director, Aprimo