Ensuring Compliance with the FADEL Adobe AEM Connector

Ensuring Compliance with the FADEL ARC AEM Connector

AEM includes a Digital Asset Management module, which offers authors great facilities for searching, editing and managing assets, such as images, that will be used in content produced using AEM.

While creating interesting and attractive content, enterprises must also ensure compliance with intellectual property rights for assets used in the production of content. The AEM DAM product offers a great array of features, but does not include a solution for Intellectual Property clearance.

Rights management clearance is the grounds for market specialists, such as FADEL, who have built very advanced products in this area. In particular, the FADEL Adobe product is a complete solution for managing asset rights. The product offers a great user interface for both admins and users.

The FADEL Adobe Connector for AEM seamlessly integrates into the AEM DAM interface. It allows the user to execute the rights clearance directly from within the DAM, keeping the author productive and in context. It allows the author to clear multiple assets at the same time and to specify the granularity of the rights by being able to check on multiple attributes such as territory, format and date. This is a great solution to address enterprise compliance requirements with minimal impact on the author’s productivity and without requiring the author to learn additional tools.

INM is a leading implementer of Adobe Experience Manager and specializes in extending the AEM platform to bring in added functionality. INM is working with joint Adobe / FADEL clients to enhance their AEM process and workflow with rights management and clearance capabilities.

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