FADEL Announces Brand Vision 5.0 Featuring Video Tracking

FADEL Announces Brand Vision 5.0 Featuring Video Tracking

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Track your video assets down across websites and YouTube to ensure compliance

New York, NY – April 4, 2023FADEL®, innovator of brand compliance, rights management, and royalty billing software, today announced video tracking with the release of Brand Vision 5.0. Brand Vision is a unified platform for ensuring brand compliance by managing and monitoring marketing content and its license terms across the entire content lifecycle, from pre-production to post-distribution. This release includes new features designed to improve the management of assets and asset rights, increase interoperability across the marketing workflow, and the release showcases powerful new video tracking capabilities. 

“With the volume of marketing content that brands are publishing – from static images and photos to video spots, explainers, testimonials, and reels – tracking down content post-distribution can be a nightmare. Yet marketing teams need to update branding, monitor for expirations of talent agreements and assets, and generally track the usage of their valued assets,” said Gregg Guest, FADEL’s VP of Product Management – Cloud Solutions. “I am really excited about the launch of Brand Vision – Content Tracking for video because we designed the product to help with just that. Content Tracking will find live image and video content across web and social media channels, and report on violations and expirations.”

With Content Tracking, marketing teams can take action when assets are expired, near expiration, or in violation. This release includes enhancements to image tracking, making it even more powerful than before. Image assets that are colorized, cropped, resized, or have creative designs applied will be found across websites, retail sites such as Amazon, and a brand’s social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Content Tracking VideoContent Tracking also now includes sophisticated video matching and tracking capabilities, including premium support for YouTube in the current release and support for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter shortly in the next release. The product will identify all of the short-form videos across specified sites, match them against those in your rights-managed database – even if just a portion of the video is published within another video, and notify users of expirations and usage violations. 

“Video is critical to a company’s marketing strategy, yet ensuring its usage is and remains compliant is always a key requirement for our customers,” said Tarek Fadel, Founder and CEO of FADEL. “Brand Vision is a complete solution that helps our users achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in managing their digital assets and agreements, and these enhanced capabilities give our customers the tools and assurances they need. Large global FMCG, Beauty, Fashion, and Beverage brands are lined up for trials of our new and updated Brand Vision – Content Tracking solution.” 

Companies can find more information or request a demo by clicking here. The solution will also be showcased at an upcoming Henry Stewart webinar on Wednesday, May 17th.

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