Join FADEL at DAM New York 2023: The Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media

Join FADEL at DAM New York 2023: The Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media

Title: DAM New York 2023

Date/Time: September 14 – 15, 2023

Where: New York Hilton Midtown

Booth #: 34

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FADEL is excited to sponsor and present at the DAM New York 2023 event, hosted in the New York Hilton Midtown in New York!  Visit FADEL at Booth #34 to learn more about brand compliance, DRM, and content tracking.

Ensure your content is consistent, compliant and on brand! FADEL delivers a powerful brand compliance and monitoring solution that protects and maximizes the use of your brand assets – combining content services with digital rights management and content tracking. 

Don’t miss these information-packed sessions featuring FADEL:

session presentationFADEL TechLab: Do You Know Where Your Assets are Hiding?

Thursday from 1:50 pm – 2:20 pm

Content can be distributed across tens or hundreds of websites, social sites, and partner sites – and it can still be out there months or even years later – so how do you reliably monitor the content for expirations and compliance?

In this TechLab, we will explore the challenges of managing your content post-distribution and demonstrate ways to track and take action. Join us to find out how brands can use automated content tracking and rights management to:

  • Capture talent and rights information for photos and videos
  • Use image matching to quickly identify and analyze assets and rights
  • Set up content tracking to keep an eye on websites, social media feeds, and YouTube for published photos and videos
  • Track usage and violations based on missing rights or expiration dates
  • Respond to infringement claims
  • Run reports to stay on top of content usage and identify potential risks or expirations

Speaker: Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management, FADEL

session presentationPanel featuring FADEL: Looking Beyond Today: Preparing Your DAM for Tomorrow’s Expectations

Thursday at 2:50 pm

DAM is a process of sustaining what needs to be sustained while intentionally changing what needs to change.

How can DAM meet the ever-evolving challenges when business moves at the speed of light? 

Moderated by Graham Allan, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting, this panel will explore why the imperative to adapt and update is ongoing. It will debate how to stay ahead of recognizing, anticipating, and meeting the challenges. Discussion will focus on:

  • Responding to changes in the positioning and strategy of the business.
  • New work practices and new user requirements.
  • Anticipating users’ expectations for search.
  • The continuing evolution of keywords and metadata.    
  • New technologies such as cloud, and AI and ML.
  • Staying on top of governance.
  • Change management as an ongoing mindset.

Graham Allan, Deloitte Consulting

Lizbeth James, CoE Head, Digital Transformation, Mars
Kristin Burns, Global Digital Content Opeations Lead,Thoughtworks
Maxwell Mabe, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloudinary
Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management Cloud, FADEL


session presentationFADEL client speaker: How Digital Rights Management Can Enforce Copyright Compliance and Brand Consistency

Friday at 2:10 pm

Join this session to hear how Sanofi, the global healthcare and pharmaceutical company, implemented a thorough program for optimizing rights management. Focusing on the challenges facing such a large organization, we will walk you through our journey – from the initial bandaid approach to managing rights capture and usage to a streamlined, automated approach.

In the session we will share:

  • A risk assessment for not having an automated process in place, especially for a large multi-national team.
  • Benefits gained around team efficiencies and collaborative work practices and optimized workflows.
  • Model for collaboration and compliance between marketing team and agencies.

Speaker: Penjo Chhimi, Digital Asset Manager CHC – US, Sanofi 

To learn more about our brand compliance and content services platform, schedule a 1:1 session with our experts and visit FADEL at Booth #34.