Digital rights matter – Protecting your brand and company – Featuring Kohler Communications

Digital rights matter - Protecting your brand and company - Featuring Kohler Communications

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Did you know that OpenText has added Digital Rights Management into its Customer Experience Portfolio? In today’s digital age, marketers and advertisers are under pressure to deliver a full omni-channel experience that also meets corporate standards for brand transparency and copyright compliance. Rights Cloud™ by FADEL® arms OpenText users with a single “rights” source across agreements, talent and assets – delivering full visibility into when, where and how content can be used from directly within your DAM.

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Companies investing in a digital asset management (DAM) platforms gain the ability to categorize, organize and share assets efficiently and securely. But when it comes to governing asset use, they often fall short. With a lack of visibility on the asset’s usage rights, they could miss out on maximizing return on investment (ROI), putting the company at risk.

The good news? Enterprise DAM and Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions offer full transparency on usage rights and instant rights clearance to mitigate the risk.

Hear from Kenneth Wilson, associate manager of Communication Libraries and DAM at Kohler Communications, as well as OpenText and FADEL experts in DAM and digital rights management, to explore how marketing teams and their agencies can gain:

  • A powerful tool that significantly improves speed to market, maximizes investments and protects the brand
  • Rights compliance before and after a campaign with active content rights clearance, online digital usage tracking, expiration reports and violation alerts​
  • At-a-glance visibility into when, where and how each asset can be used